Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What's In My Bag?

Today, I’m taking you along to have a peek inside my bag. Although it’s always changing, but I’m spilling the secret contents (read: main things) that I like to bring every day, mostly for work. I may sound exaggerating by saying it secret, to be honest, I carry around normal things too, like my phone, wallet, keys, notebook and pen (old school kid right here), tissue, etc.

I'm a firm believer in preparation being the key to a successful day. There are certain things I like to do that help me be more prepared and productive, so I'm better able to take on the day no matter what I'm facing. Luckily, I can stash a lot of my useful belongings inside my LongchampLe Pliage Nylon Tote Bag L. I try to limit the amount of junk in my bag, so, no more old receipts.

Breaking down every piece I have in my bag just for you guys. Have a look!

1. Before jumping right into what’s in my bag, I present to you my bag aka Longchamp Le Pliage Nylon Tote Bag in size L. To be exact, I got this bag a while back ago around 2015-ish, but I really never use them. When I was searching through my bag drawer a few months ago (actually I was on the mission of finding a substitute for my previous bag, you know, I get bored easily), then, I found long-lost treasure, which was this Longchamp bag. Yes to this! Personally I love unstructured bag just like this one, plus I can shove everything inside. This bag is great for travel as a carry-on, beach bag or an extra bag for a road trip. As you guys can see from the name, the bag is made of nylon and it’s pretty thick, sturdy and water-resistant (which I love). But, one thing that I wish they built for this bag is pockets. Actually, the bag only has a tiny little pocket inside and situated right at the edge. In this case, you might need another bag organizer. Would I recommend this to you? Yes, if you are a fan of this kind of bag for sure.

2. Now, onto the inside. Speaking of bag organizer, this black zipper bag I use for my tech stuff, from phone charger, laptop charger, earphone to my work flash drive. It helps me a lot in organizing messy cable and everything because they easily tangled if I just throw them in. My bag would be a disaster!

3. Next, I have my reading material! For this time, I’m carrying the latest Psychologies magazine I got from my favorite bookstore. Aside from magazine, I also like to carry a book with me. They are the best company when I’m waiting somewhere or have nothing to do. I also like having them around just to give my eyes a break from looking at the screens every so often. One great article or a chapter from your favorite book will be so useful to open up your mind, right?

4. Mint! Always the best secret to dispel the dragon breath. It’s also great to freshen up your mouth after eating heavy meal. My favorite mint is from IMPACT.

5. Pen and notebook is the best combo ever! It’s all because I’m old school and better remember details if I manually write them down. This one is actually my work related notebook. Since I’m doing an internship as a writer, I like to write writing ideas in here. Sometimes if I don’t carry around a notebook, I still write impromptu ideas or list in to my phone instead.

6. Phone! A mandatory thing, right? I can’t leave my phone behind.

7. Another bag organizer to avoid things spilling out in my bag. I call them my emergency bag, why is that? Because I have medicine, bandage, hand sanitizer, wet tissue, hair clip, perfume, lip balm and lip cream inside. Urgent, urgent, urgent.

8. I also carry a pack of dry tissue. Since I’m out a lot, I always have to use the public toilet. Tissue is like a true savior to keep everything clean. When I’m eating outside, tissue is also useful because you don’t really know when you got your hands dirty or you have to clean a dirty table.

9. Keys! Those are my car key and house key.

10. And lastly, I have my wallet. Hmm… I should call them a card holder instead of wallet because it’s small and the purpose is to carry around cards. Since I hate using big and heavy wallet, I switch to this small card holder, plus they don’t take a large space in my bag. Inside, I have my ID, driving license, debit cards, multi purpose cards and some cash. If you want to purchase them, click here.

And there you have it, some of the essentials I bring in my bag! No matter how many different bags I have, I always keep these essentials in them to help me get through the day! Share your must-have things you keep in your bag every day in the comment down below. See you guys in my next post!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fashion Trend to Start The Fall Season

Although I'm not fully experiencing fall season here in Indonesia, but the weather here is starting to change. It's sometimes cloudy during the sunny day. So, what to do next? How about alternating your summer look so it can fit to the fall? What should you try this fall, then? I have seen tons of fashion trend report all over the internet. To get you started, I rounded up six fall trends that you may love and start wearing it them for the new season.

Oversize Trench Coats
Couldn’t agree more that trench coats is a classic an everlasting piece when it comes to fall season. But this trend is all about oversize trench. Such a cool outerwear!

Fall Trend #TrenchCoat

Red Dress
It’s official that RED is the color of Fall 2017. Prove me wrong, but I have seen it on the runways of Dolce and Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Jil Sander, Fendi, Givenchy and many more. The shades ranging from rich burgundy to bold red apple color. Embrace the red with your any of your peach colored pieces for a fresh color mix.

Fall Trend #RedDress

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Bedroom Cleaning Routine (+Tips)

Let’s have something great to start off the month of September. I want to encourage you guys to start clean and fresh. You don’t want to feel tired and whacked just because you don’t have a clear surrounding (read: your bedroom), right?

As you guys can read from the title, I’m going to share with you my bedroom cleaning routine in aim to help you guys out when you are overwhelmed and no idea where to start. In most part, cleaning is not everybody’s favorite thing to do. It takes time and ain’t nobody got time for that. But, I spend most of time in my bedroom, sleeping (duh), doing homework, watching drama, doing my hobby, reading, working out, and other crucial stuff (including dancing and singing around). So, it’s really important to keep them clean and clutter-free. Just so you know, in every single book, article and video I watched, you are less motivated when you have your surrounding messy. So keep that in mind and let’s start, shall we?

Disclaimer, this is not a deep-clean cleaning session (maybe I will consider making another post about it soon). This is a quick cleaning routine to make your room cleaner in a glance.

To begin, choose one day out of your week to do this routine. Mine is on Sunday. I always start around 10/11 in the morning.