Monday, July 26, 2010

happy saturday


hello hello baby! Aha! 3 days ago *last saturday me and my cousin went to "Lapangan Banteng" but don't know why, i was very happy to go to there. There is a "show" of flora and fauna. when i got there, it's hard to find a parking place! at least, my uncle found one parking place, so, lucky me!

dressed nicely before the "show" it's a must :)

and these are some photos of "lapangan banteng" enjoy!

*who is she? she is my lil' cousin, her name is Arvella ♥

*want this puppy so much :) but, it cost Rp 2,8jt (in rupiah) poor me -,-

OKAY! thanks for reading my new post. hope you enjoy :)


  1. apaa??? 2,8 jtaa?
    punya saya yg di kampung gratis tuh..persis ahaha..
    mo dibawa pulang tp bokap saya tak mengizinkan..huahua

  2. iaa. gila aja kan? haha. iih kalo mungut saya mau dong! haha.