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By Kezia Mariska - August 29, 2010

hello ppl out there! glad to see you again. two days again, we are gonna meet the "september". hip hip hurray. There will a long holiday guys, be prepare to your holiday ya! and i think you have many wish, right? #septemberwish! i have too :) this is my #septemberwish : i want :

1. Plait belt

2. Clog

3. Vintage stuffs

4. I will meet Lee yong dae ♥

5. "That boy" will be mine

Mr.neon ♥

There are five wishes that i want next month, for number 4 and 5 i think it's impossible! BUT, i try to be optimist and think positive.

By : Miss Fashionista XOXO

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1 komentar

  1. Hi! Nothing is impossible! I met Lee Yong Dae on the Korean Airlines plane and he sat next to me! You can hear details in my blog....