Stripes on Street

By Kezia Mariska - September 20, 2010


(Unbranded stripes T-shirt, Gaudi denim pants, Elizabeth shoes, Guy Laroche Vintage bag)

Hello readers. Nice to have you. Today, i posted some new photos of my outfit. It's looks nice? Right? He he. Yesterday, i went to kelapa gading mall with my mom, sister, aunt and uncle. I have got two new bangles, bought at Gaudi. So happy with that. It cost only 25.000. Gaudi is so nice clothing shop, the clothes are not too expensive for me. And sometimes Gaudi have a discount up to 70%. Gaudi, I love you ♥

Please Hype for me. Thank you.

By: Miss fashionista XOXO

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2 komentar

  1. Hi Kezia....
    nama blog kamu ganti ya?
    I really like your 'grungy' cool jeans. ahh keren!
    Btw, aku link kamu di blog list aku, moga2 kamu link aku balik ya

    thanks :)

    Natalie's blog

  2. halo juga kak natalie :)
    ia, nama blog ku jadi always vintage. hehe.
    Makasih ya kak.
    Aku udah link kakak juga ya di blog list aku.

    makasiih banyak ya kak. kakak ada twitter?